From His Woman to His Wife

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My first tithe EVER was only 50 cents. I had earned $5.00 dollars babysitting. I still remember that day while I was sitting in church, I politely raised my hand for an offering envelope, tucked my valuable gift safely in it and sealed it without remorse. It was from that point on, I developed the art of giving God my very best. And I honestly believe, THE HEAVENS OPENED UP THAT DAY, …..because I really wanted a real relationship with God in my heart, my daily walk, and yes even in my finances.

When Brian and I got married we were immediately challenged to know how to stay blissfully married. The thing is; I couldn't ask anyone I knew other than my leaders to answer my immediate questions. I really didn't want to bother them because of their busy schedules.  Yet, this was the plan of God to get me to seek Him directly. And oh boy, did He answer us with the most dynamic and strategic instructions. The dialogue I had with Him ended up not only becoming a manuscript for us for this book but more importantly a prescription for a better relationship with one another. "From His Woman...To His Wife" is filled with medicated whispers from God out of the apothecary of His presence. Basically, He sent His powerful Word to heal women and men who are married and one day going to get married.

It all started at the age of 4. God took this little girl's hand and began to lead her to Himself. This initial touch from His Holy Spirit was only the beginning. For, at the age of sixteen He totally filled Tineka with His Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit quickly then began to lead Tineka into all truth. The truth about her began to be plainly seen through her in every way. Specifically, it did so through her gifts and callings.


Through out these many years Tineka Doggan has served and given to God until her heart was content to never stop. Whether, its been through prophetically interceding, worshipping in realms of glory, helping families live their fullest lives or writing the vision down so people can clearly read and productively live it. God has empowered Tineka Doggan to minister on every level He has authorized her to do so.

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The Power of The Tithe